Community News


Date:  April 1, 2019

Dear Owner:

The Board of Directors has been looking into the issues that we have been having with parking in the community.  As you know, there are limited parking spaces in the community, and we depend on owners, tenants, and guests to comply with the declaration and any parking rules that are adopted by the Board.  Article IV, Section 37 of the Declaration requires owners to use their garage for storing or parking their cars.  It states that “all garages must be capable, at all times, of containing the number of motor vehicles for which it was designed and motor vehicles shall be parked in the garages, except when in use by the Owner.”    

This means that you cannot use your garage for storage of other items if the storage of other items prevents you from parking a car inside the garage.  If you have two vehicles, one vehicle must be parked in the garage, and the other vehicle must be parked in the driveway of your home.  Some of the homes in the community have driveways that can accommodate more than one vehicle, so if you own one of these homes and have more than two vehicles, you are able to park any additional vehicles in your driveway as well, instead of using the guest parking spaces or the overflow parking lot near the entrance. 

The Association is asking all owners, tenants, and guests to comply with the parking restrictions and the parking rules and regulations so that we can eliminate parking issues, especially during the season when the community is full.  Owners that rent their units are responsible for making sure their tenants comply with these restrictions.  If you are an owner that rents, you must make sure that your tenants are not using the garage for storage or for purposes other than parking a car.  The Board and its management company will be sending out letters to any owner and tenant that is in violation of the parking requirements and the garage restriction, and providing any owner or tenant in violation with an opportunity to come into compliance and avoid legal action.    In addition, the Association has the authority to tow any vehicle that is parked on property owned by the Association if it is in violation of the restrictions, rules, and regulations.

The Board hopes that all owners, tenants, and guests will comply so that we can avoid having to tow anyone’s car, and to avoid the time-consuming and expensive legal action that could be required if the restrictions are violated.   Our legal counsel has informed us that if legal action is required to get an owner or tenant to comply with the restrictions, the owner will be responsible for reimbursing the Association for its attorney’s fees and costs.

Let’s all work together to solve the parking issues in the community and avoid the expense of legal action.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


James Ro