Oak and bottlebrush trimming will take place the week of June 10th. 

Palm tree trimming is scheduled to begin June 24th.

Hurricane Shutters:

All residences may have a professionally made hurricane protection installed on all windows and glass block within 72 hours prior to the predicted arrival of a hurricane.

Approved hurricane protection cannot be installed more than 72 hours prior to the predicted arrival of a hurricane and must be removed within 72 hours after the passage of a hurricane.

Lanai sliding glass doors are excluded from the 72-hour limitation.

March 8, 2023

Please do not  tape any personal notices or ads  on our mailbox kiosk bulletin boards. This causes damage to the window.

You may place your ads up at the clubhouse ! Thank you 

March 8, 2023


Due recent vandalism and lack of street lights we would appreciate everyone turning on their garage lights each evening.

The townhomes have motion sensor garage light fixtures that automatically turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn if you leave the switch to your outdoor light on. Thankyou for helping us to keep our community a safe community 

Roof Ridge Cap Shingles Material

Only approved Roof Ridge Cap Shingles Material has to be used: GAF, Seal-a-Ridge, Timberline HD Sunset Brick Red color.

Garbage and Recycle bin numbering:

Every homeowner is to label all waste receptacles using peel and stick numbers , the minimum size being 2 inches and the maximum size 4 inches.


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