Association Board of Directors / Meeting Minutes

Association Board of Directors

On February 23, 2010, the association was turned over to the homeowners.The Board is elected at the Annual Meeting, which is held in the first 90 days of the calendar year. The current Board of Directors is:

President: Devon Poulos
Vice-President: Faith Saul
Treasurer: Lisa Wells
Secretary: Jamie Granillo
Board Member at Large: Duane Asdourian

Committee Members

Landscape Committee:

  • Pat Cruse
  • Elaine Sixt
  • Lisa Wells

Compliance Committee:

  • Bob Sixt
  • Gary Feldman
  • Peter Violette
  • Nigel Vallin

Facilities Committee:

• Ken Saul
• Chris Wells
• Chuck Lawhorn
• Bob Sixt

Architectural Committee:

• Faith Saul
• Duane Asdourian

Purchase/Rental Application Approval:

• Devon Poulos
• Lisa Wells

Board Meetings

The board will meet the third Thursday of each month. Notices of board meetings will be posted on the community bulletin board at least 48 hours in advance. Said notice shall depict the date, time, and place of the meeting. The board also reserves the right to mail notices to each member in lieu thereof. All members of the Association are welcome to attend any board meetings.

A membership meeting will be held annually the third Thursday in March and will be held at the Lakeside Plantation Clubhouse. Notices of the annual meeting will be mailed to all unit owners. In addition, an email notification will be sent to remind homeowner of the upcoming election. Please make certain that the Association has your correct mailing and email addresses for any association business.

Meeting Minutes

2024 Meeting Agendas
May 16th, 2024       Agenda
April 18th, 2024        Agenda
February 22, 2024       Agenda
January 18, 2024        Agenda